L'amant Café: APEC 2017: Connecting with the World

L'amant Café: APEC 2017: Connecting with the World

L'amant Café: APEC 2017: Connecting with the World

L'amant Café (Vinh Hiep Limited Liability Company) was the only brand selected as a sponsor for the 2017 APEC Summit Week, which was held recently in Da Nang. The company specializes in supplying coffee all year round. everyone during this occasion.

The production process used to make L'Amant coffee has ISO 22000 and HACCP certifications. To satisfy the demands of customers and interested parties worldwide, food safety management systems must adhere to this international standard.

Delegates can be served by courteous staff at professional L'Amant Café service counters at the main venues of the 2017 APEC Summit, including the Press Center, Ariyana, Furama Resort, Intercontinental, and Sheraton.

After tasting the unique flavor that L'amant coffee offers, journalists, businesspeople, and delegations from both local and foreign countries have left hundreds of positive remarks in the diary kept at the service counters.

Despite the fact that the L'amant Café brand has only been around for five months, Vinh Hiep began cultivating and preparing to launch a clean coffee brand ten years prior. Vinh Hiep is known for its "Clean from farm to cup of coffee" philosophy, which drives them to constantly use clean, eco-friendly production methods. At the 45ha farm in Chu Se area (Gia Lai), coffee cherries of the proper size and ripeness will be manually collected and processed in accordance with technological protocols.

A view of the city's L'Amant Café coffee processing factory. Pleiku, province of Gia Lai.
Vinh Hiep Company Limited has its main office in the city. The L'amant Café brand was founded in PleiKu, in the province of Gia Lai.
L'Amant Cafe's serving personnel is polite and professional.
A section of the showroom featuring L'amant Cafe's offerings in Pleiku, Gia Lai City.
Strong taste filter coffee brand of beans and powder from L'amant Café.
The coffee maker at L'amant Café makes standard coffee lines.
Coffee grinder manufactured by L'Amant Café.
During APEC 2017, many delegates, businesspeople, and members of the local and international press attended to taste L'Amant's coffee offerings.

About 70,000 tons of coffee beans are supplied annually by Vinh Hiep to high-demand areas including the US and EU.

The business makes use of cutting-edge coffee tasting specialists and Probat (Germany) roasting technology, which can control roasting time and temperature.

Users are better able to taste the flavors of coffee and select the perfect type of coffee because to this diversity. coffee according on individual preferences.

L'amant Café has a fantastic opportunity to promote Vietnamese coffee specialty to friends abroad and look for export opportunities to the global market because of the presence of this amazing drink at APEC.

Coffee is farmed under the motto "Clean from farm to coffee cup" in a closed, environmentally responsible manner.
Coffee cherries that are sufficiently ripe must be chosen carefully by farmers.
Close-up of the manual harvesting process at the Vinh Hiep coffee field.
To maintain the optimal flavor and regulate temperature and humidity, coffee beans need to be dried for a predetermined amount of time.
Dried coffee beans can be monitored and adjusted to meet standards by using an air humidity meter.
Coffee beans are selected at the factory and then come back to meet certain specifications.
L'amant Café uses Probat, a German roasting method, to preserve the coffee beans' natural flavor after roasting.
The best coffee tasters at L'amant Café compare coffee flavors in the lab.

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