L'amant Café continues to succeed in spreading Vietnamese organic coffee throughout the world with a huge breakthrough in India

L'amant Café continues to succeed in spreading Vietnamese organic coffee throughout the world with a huge breakthrough in India

Following a series of successes at the CAEXPO 2023 exhibition fair in China, Vinh Hiep Co., Ltd. has signed a memorandum of understanding with partners in the Indian market. This once again marks a new milestone in L'amant Café's journey of bringing Vietnamese organic coffee to the world.
From the Vietnamese organic coffee brand pursuing sustainable values and international standards...

Carrying a consistent mission, L'amant Café and Vinh Hiep company believe that everyone in the world can enjoy pure natural cups of coffee, just like early humans can only cultivate and process coffee by naturally occurring, fully organic processes.

L'amant Café always focuses and focuses on developing organic products.

Possessing a large raw material area, L'amant Café has collaborated with over 10,000 farmers on the rich basalt plateau, where the soil and climate are ideal for the development of premium Robusta coffee trees. L'amant Café is the first company in Vietnam to have a USDA organic farm that has been approved by the US Department of Agriculture and complies with stringent requirements like EU, Japan, Korea,... This is also a pioneering coffee brand in sustainable production by participating in sustainable development alliances such as Rainforest Alliance, 4C, Zero Carbon Footprint,...

L'amant Café's products are created by the love surrounding coffee beans: love from the farm, love at the factory, love for the customers, love for the environment, and love for sustainable development for future generations. the astounding accomplishment of simultaneously capturing markets with 2 billion people.

L'amant Café, the organic coffee brand of Vinh Hiep Co., Ltd., is one of the companies that is showcasing the Vietnamese coffee industry at CAEXPO Nam Ninh 2023 with great success, offering a "new breeze" - organic coffee reaches wider around the world. By taking this official step, L'Amant Café establishes its reputation with patrons in the nation that boasts the second most advanced economy globally.

Special booth of L'amant Café at CAEXPO Nam Ninh 2023

Continuing its success, L'amant Café's journey has its next 'stop' in the Indian market - setting a new step, introducing Vietnamese coffee to the world's most populated nation. Vinh Hiep and L'amant Café have demonstrated their ability to compete on a global scale.

The exhibit of L'amant Café at the 2023 World Coffee Conference in India

This is a huge advancement since it is hard for a Vietnamese company to establish a strong reputation in the world's two most populated and promising sectors in less than a month.

Savor premium Vietnamese coffee while visiting India.

With the advantage of having built a brand foundation, Vinh Hiep and L'amant Café signed a memorandum of understanding with partners in India - officially bringing Vietnamese coffee to the South Asian country.

The event took place within the framework of the World Coffee Conference 2023 held in Bangalore, Karnataka state, India. The signing ceremony was witnessed by Mr. Srinivasa Murthy - Honorary Consul of Vietnam in Bangalore and Mr. Bui Trung Thuong - Commercial Counselor - Vietnamese Embassy in India and many delegates attending the conference.

At the memorandum of understanding signing to distribute L'amant Café products to the Indian market, Mr. Shan, a representative of Rayanssh Impex, and Mr. Thai Nhu Hiep, a representative of L'amant Café.

This accomplishment will open a new chapter in the journey of introducing Vietnamese coffee to friends around the world, particularly in the nation of more than 1.4 billion people. This is considered a "boost" when customers can now enjoy specialty coffee from Vietnam's fertile Gia Lai highlands right in India - a land famous for coffee.

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