Vinh Hiep continues to affirm its position in sustainable agricultural and rural development through the 6th Asean Award.

Vinh Hiep continues to affirm its position in sustainable agricultural and rural development through the 6th Asean Award.

The 13th ASEAN Ministerial Conference with the issue of rural development.

The Secretary-General and Ministries (barring Myanmar) participated in the 13th ASEAN Ministerial Conference on Rural Development, Hunger Eradication, and Poverty Reduction, which was held in Singapore over three days from November 20–22, 2023. Topics include rural development, hunger and poverty reduction, and sustainable development in the direction of "green values".

As the Chair of SOMRDPE 2022, the Vietnamese delegation presented the findings of the National Target Program for Sustainable Poverty Reduction for the years 2021–2025. They emphasized Vietnam's globally acknowledged efforts to reduce poverty, which are a shining example of the country's social security policy framework and have transformed the country's rural landscapes.


Singapore hosted the 13th ASEAN Ministerial Meeting in Sangri-La.

During the SOMRDPE session, the Vietnamese delegate expressed gratitude to the ASEAN countries and ASEAN Secretariat for consistently aiding Vietnam in completing its SOM Chairmanship until 2022–2023 and handing over this position to the country host Singapore.

The only company representing Vietnam to win the Sixth ASEAN Award is Vinh Hiep Company Limited.

Being one of the two Vietnamese representatives to receive the 6th ASEAN award for positive contributions to agriculture, decrease of poverty and hunger, as well as sustainable rural development. Vinh Hiep Co., Ltd. was honored to be recognized as a leading firm in green and sustainable growth in Vietnam's agricultural sector.

The sixth ASEAN award was given to Mr. Thai Nhu Hiep, Chairman of the Board of Members and Director of Vinh Hiep Co., Ltd.

The top company in the nation for exporting and producing coffee is Vinh Hiep Company Limited. Linking with over 11,000 families in Gia Lai province and a large raw material area (2023 statistics), Vinh Hiep Company is regarded as a "leader" in advancing the objective of agricultural economic development specifically in the province of Gia Lai and the Central Highlands area.

Vinh Hiep organizes training sessions to increase labor productivity and raise people's awareness of sustainable coffee growing, in addition to policies on coffee output consumption for local farmer households. These actions improve economic efficiency and the lives of those involved in the coffee supply chain.

Geographical indications, traceability of coffee origin, and international quality certifications obtained by Vinh Hiep have all helped to make Vietnamese coffee beans more competitive in the global market. Additionally, this unit actively participates in appreciation exercises, provides funding for the building of gratitude cottages, distributes seedlings to farmers in the area, and other ways to assist and support farmers.

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