Vinh Hiep Company develops organic coffee

Vinh Hiep Company develops organic coffee

Citation: Newspaper VNExpress
The business adheres to environmental protection and sustainable farming standards as it establishes a network of 10,000 farming houses for coffee production and processing.

Assisting with the 2017 APEC Conference

Owner of the roasted coffee brand L'amant Café, Vinh Hiep Company Limited (Gia Lai province) has a long history of exporting coffee and ranks among the top 10 companies in the industry based on exporting sales volume. The company establishes a network for the sustainable cultivation and processing of coffee, producing goods that satisfy the high standards of quality required by importing nations.

Apart from its cultivation areas, the company establishes a network of 10,000 farmers for coffee production and processing, adheres to sustainable farming standards, protects the environment, and obtains international certifications for sustainable coffee, including UTZ and 4C. Currently, the US, Japan, Korea, and EU are Vinh Hiep's principal markets.

International standards are followed in the cultivation, production, and processing procedures.

According to Mr. Thai Nhu Hiep - Chairman of the Board of Members, Director of Vinh Hiep Co., Ltd., 2017 marked the brand's position in the domestic market when L'amant Café was chosen to serve in the 2017 APEC Summit organized by Vietnam hosted the event in Da Nang..

"Even though we are a new brand, we have surpassed other candidates with many strict criteria, and were chosen by the APEC 2017 Organizing Committee to serve heads of state and the most demanding guests in the world," said Mr. Hiep.

Mr. Hiep admitted that despite the enormous potential, the domestic coffee sector is still dependent on other nations due to its tiny consumption output. Vietnamese coffee's standing will improve if its share of the local coffee market rises by roughly 20%. This will benefit consumers and improve the lives of coffee growers.

Since organic coffee is more expensive to sell than ordinary coffee and is still a relatively new brand, the company's current challenge is breaking into the domestic market. But the business also made good moves when big hotels and airlines decided to serve L'amant Café as their coffee product.

Encourage the use of organic coffee

In order to provide a genuinely clean product that satisfies consumer demands, in 2014, Vinh Hiep invested to establish Vinh Hiep farm, which spans 45 hectares and is located in Gia Lai province's Chu H'drong district following an organic approach. The farm was assessed and granted organic certification in 2018 in accordance with US Department of Agriculture (USDA) guidelines. Following then, the farm of the company kept becoming certified organic in accordance with EU, Korean, and Japanese requirements.

Gia Lai's 45-hectare organic coffee estate.

In 2016, apart from investing in organic raw material regions, the company made an investment in coffee roasting and processing lines that adhered to EU requirements using imported Probat technology from Germany. Vinh Hiep created the L'amant Café brand with the slogan "Clean from farm to cup" to offer ground and roasted coffee lines with rich, pure flavors.

When expanding into the domestic market, the corporation uses advanced technology in its manufacturing, modifies consumer trends, and places a major emphasis on organic production. Vinh Hiep plans to keep growing the organic agricultural sector soon, either directly through farms or through satellite farmers.

"Our goal is to introduce Vietnamese people to a new culture of coffee consumption. Coffee lovers can experience the essence of each coffee bean in addition to just drinking to satisfy their requirements, unwind, and converse by farmers," Mr. Hiep stressed.

2018 National Quality Gold Award

Vinh Hiep Co., Ltd. is one of the 22 businesses that received the 2018 National Quality Gold Award. The Ministry of Science and Technology recently hosted the award ceremony in Hanoi on June 23.


Vinh Hiep's representative was given the 2018 national quality gold award.

The Prime Minister established this important annual award to recognize companies that have made exceptional progress in raising the caliber of goods and services. It has a significant impact on the legal system regarding quality and products. services, improving operational effectiveness and competitiveness, and positively impacting society and the community.

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